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G/Flex: the Only Flex Epoxy, by WEST Systems
November 18, 2014 - ($22, mailed in the USA. Overseas pays excess. Postage is about $5 so my product price is about $17. Cheap, relatively.) G/Flex is a miracle epoxy released by the famous Michigan epoxy makers, the Gougeon brothers of WEST Systems. It is a *toughened* epoxy that is waterproof and flexs. It deals really well with vibratio...
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Swiss Waterproof Rucksack
January 24, 2013 - [$30 shipped in the US. OUT OF STOCK!] Here's a great waterproof Swiss Army vintage military rucksack. You'll be impressed! They're actually better-made than the older "salt'n'pepper" rucks. DETAILS: 18" tall x 16" wide x 9" deep main pouch. Outside pocket: 8" tall x 10" wide x 3" deep. Green rubberized materi...
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The OYB 7-Way Bag!
January 16, 2012 - [$50, postpaid in US. OUT OF STOCK. I only have a few ratty specimens left with sizable holes. I'll try to find more inventory of base bags to upcycle.] The OYB 7-Way Bag is ready for action! This unique bag has 7 ways it can be used or carried. The bags are rare but they are used -- about 50% grade. About half...
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Fanny Pack, Medium
January 02, 2012 - [$25 mailed in the US. Non-US is extra.] A dandy smallish fanny pack. The only thing it doesn't haul well is waterbottles (water goes in bladderpack). It attaches to the Modular Field Packs (both Jumbo and Regular). Details: Constructed of rugged tactical polyester with inside P/U coating. Can be used three ways: as waistp...
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Multi-Use Fanny Pack -- also Handlebar!
January 02, 2012 - [$40 mailed in the US. Non-US extra.] This is a big super-versatile fanny pack. It can also be used as a Shoulderbag and has a nice carry-handle on the top. You could easily carry 10 pounds of gear in and on it for an all-day hike, say. Spare clothes, lunch, some gear. Carry a bladderpack above it for yer water. I see th...
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Fox 3-in-1 Field Briefcase
June 28, 2011 - [$49 postpaid in the US.] Here's a nifty, rugged briefcase that quickly converts to a rucksack. It also has a shoulderstrap. So that's our three modes. There are about a dozen pouches and pockets in this item. -- Places to keep a laptop (padded) and removeable hardshell-folders for paperwork. It even has a nifty upper-side str...
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Fox's Rio Grande Rucksack, 45 Liter
June 22, 2011 - [$45 postpaid in the US.] I carry two sizes of the Fox "Rio Grande" pack: the 45L and the 25L (in another listing). Key features: This is a big, simple, basic *THRIFTY* rucksack. Padded back panel with built-in ventilation channels, large main zippered compartment, 2 side zippered pouches. Padded hip belt, fully adjusta...
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Big Messenger-type Retro Shoulderbags
June 22, 2011 - [$30 postpaid *each* in the US.] OK, I'm listing TWO new shoulderbags here. But each order only gets you ONE of them. You need to add a Note telling me which one you want.

*Fox Retro Courier Bag

11" x 18" x 6". Khaki canvas with PIRATE patch (NOT peace sign) in stock, Olive Drab available on request (plain, peace an...
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Rio Grande Rucksack 25L
March 01, 2011 - [$35 postpaid in the USA. Non-US orders pay excess.] This is a strong, simple, long, narrow daypack. Good for action-wear -- like mtbiking and XC skiing. Light weight. Key Features: Constructed of rugged tactical polyester. Padded back panel with built-in ventilation channels, large main zippered compartment, 2 side...
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Vintage Swiss Leather Gaiters -- Ski Steampunk Style!
December 13, 2010 - [$30 a pair, postpaid. OUT OF STOCK as of 10/14.] Supercool or Steampunk -- take your pick for this winter's hot new skiwear accessory! Sure, they're classy in warm weather and for biking (especially mt-biking) or anywhere you might need ankle protection (or beautification), but I'm thinking that these would also wo...
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Joel Forrest's Saddle Shop: Where OYB Gets its Leather
May 27, 2010 - Here are a couple pics of the Circle JF Saddle Shop. Joel makes the leather straps and logo patches for OYB luggage. It's been nice working with Joel over the years. He always has good ideas for improving my leather processing, recently solving my lame rivet time-hole and turning me on to stainless steel tube rivets and one-step r...  > Read Article

The OYB "Dually": a Nukeproof Saddlebag/Pannier from Repurposed Mil-Spec
April 23, 2010 - [$39, mailed in the US.] Check out this dual-purpose bag! It's a big, tactical-tough bike saddlebag. It's also a pannier! (And if you add the $10 option, it's a Shoulderbag!) And it's repurposed from a thrifty, brand-new MOLLE-type of mil-spec bag. (You know I like the versatile stuff!) Made of polyester cord...
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Nice Little Shoulderbag: Czech Army Bread Bag
April 22, 2010 - [$20, mailed in US. OUT OF STOCK.] Here's a nifty little shoulderbag, a Czech Army Bread Bag, vintage but in good shape. I found a couple dozen -- when they're gone, they're gone. Details: Rusty-Olive color canvas. Size: 10" wide x 9" tall x 4" deep. Adjustable fixed shoulderstrap extends to 44" (good for probab...
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Full-On Shoulderbag
January 05, 2010 - [$24 postpaid in the US.] Here's a shoulderbag that's just a shoulderbag. No options, no other uses. I've been using one as a car-bag for a year now, and I really like it, so I figure I should let you all know about it and make it available as yet another way for you to support the OYB Way of Life. Its specs are 4" x 1...
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New OYB Luggage Patch!
October 20, 2009 - UPDATE 10/09: Here's my new LEATHER luggage patch. The stamp is done, the die is on the way. Patches in 2 weeks! The photo is what the stampmaker sent me, showing a sample stamped in a sheet of leather. It'll be die-cut into an oval then riveted to the luggage. The design image shows the shape and rivet locations. ...  > Read Article

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