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Bike Canoe Trailer: It's a Cinch!
July 06, 2016 - (BUMP FROM May, 31, 2009.) I've long wanted to create a simple trailer for towing a canoe behind a bike. A lot of times when I'm biking and I come across some tasty water I suddenly want to get paddling---especially when the waterway is going my way or when it's a shorter way to go my way. To me, the two joys fit together...  > Read Article

Petzl Myo: Best Headlamp "Bang for the Buck"
April 07, 2014 - I've been using the Petzl Myo XP headlamps for about a decade now. Every day. They've never failed me. I think it's high time I promote them in detail. (I've mentioned them in a lights summary, but sheesh.) This is a bombproof, featherweight little light. For around $80. It's powerful. And it has many easy-to-use features and se...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Best Bike Headlight / Headlamp Combo: 1200 Lumens!
April 07, 2014 - Yeah, it's bad that China makes stuff for us, but sometimes it's a good thing. I'm just not in the $200 bike light demographic. Thankfully, you can get the same quality with this $18 "big power" cheapy, courtesy of a misspelled listing. 1200 big lumens. Sure, people niggle at what you really get, but the result is TONS OF LIG...  > Read Article | Go to Website

SRAM Generator Hub: Top Value for Endless Power
April 07, 2014 - Here's a $70 generator hub that you can built up into a wheel to give 3 watts of power for whatever you want to do on a bike. Most use it for a head- and tail-light assembly. Click on the pic to buy! (OYB gets a percent of the payment of anything you order after clicking the pic-link, at no cost to you!) With a generator ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Sweet New Lights (for Bikes) -- Cheap!
May 16, 2012 - Personal lighting is booming like crazy right now. And, yeah, a lot of it on the dirt-cheap side is coming from Hong Kong. is rockin' the big firepower for little money like it always has. I recently picked up a jillion-lumen "Fandyfire" Cree stick light for,...  > Read Article

OYB Customer: Uses OYB Pannier Creatively on a Nice Bike
December 08, 2011 - Here are a few pics of nifty ways to mount the OYB Classy Retro Pannier, courtesy of customer Paul Carlberg of Grand Rapids, MI. If you want to do this with a pannier, let me know when you order and I'll install the clips appropriately. Or, you can request strap-slots instead which come with 3 leather straps for a more common...  > Read Article

Bike/Action Lights Set-up & Tips
November 16, 2011 - Here's the bike light combo I've been using for a few years: *Headlamp; *Sticklight, floody-type, with bar-mount; *Red blinky tail-light; *Big ol' Spotlight. My set-up seems pretty good to me. Of course, I really do need a Spot-type sticklight, but whatever, I've been making-do with the Big Ol' Yeller. I use these lights ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Idea: Classy Multi-pocket Vest? Pivoting Blazer?
November 02, 2010 - I'm thinking of offering a line of improved, versatile clothing items. Martha already goes to the best thrift stores in the Midwest on her wool-sweather mission for her fabric art biz. I'd just have her add a few items to the list of things she's looking for. She already shops for me and the kids, as it is. W...  > Read Article

Songs of the Outdoor Life?
July 26, 2010 - Anyone know any good songs or singers of the Outdoor Life? I'm thinking of... *two-tracks ("Seasonal Road, Unplowed") *bike riding ("King of the Big Ring... off the front!") *xc skiing *vintage travel trailers ("It's a Mighty Rig...") *kayaking, canoeing, small boats of any kind... Any variations or similar them...  > Read Article

Diverse Bike Tech Book: "The Cycle Zoo"
June 09, 2010 - Stephen Nurse is a bike buff and builder. He's invented a modular bike that uses a plug'n'play system to create a bunch of different bikes -- single upright, tandem, load-hauler, recumbent, and mixed 'bent/upright tandem -- it looks like you can even make triples and such with it. He also recently self-published a bike tech book ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Wingnut Gear: a Low-riding Load System
May 24, 2010 - I've been pondering low-riding loads lately. I enjoy a fannypack for my allday ski outings. -- I appreciate the ability to rotate the bag around for snacks and wax. But I dislike tightening and unloosening the buckle every time to do so. And I dislike the sagging load. I pine for suspenders. Actually, I'm usually wearing them but ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Bike Joring: Mtbikes and dogs on the trail!
January 28, 2010 - I've posted about Skijoring here a couple times before (our friend David Spieser ROCKETS on skis with his *two* GSP's up north). And I've also posted about a bike joring rig for sale at a website. But I'm not sure I've linked to this nifty video yet, so here ya go. (It's from New Zealand. ...The narrator sounds like Murray of...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Great, thrifty ultra-headlamp: Magicshine 900
January 26, 2010 - The folks at Geo Man Gear offer the stick type flashlight that I really like, the one with the SSC-P7 emitter and chubby 18650 LiPo battery -- it gives a great flood for outdoor action PLUS supermaxhigh power -- maybe 500 lumens for about $50 for all you need. I got mine from but these guys have it, too. But, w...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Far-out Bikewear
January 26, 2010 - Here's a bikewear company that makes TONS of things, often available in far-out fabric designs. I kinda like the Camo shorts, but wish they had a Camo jersey, too. It's a bit hard to follow everything they offer. Some things are shown as photos, others as sketches. Do they make club jersies and offer printing? I can't tell...  > Read Article | Go to Website

"MYOG": Make Your Own Gear -- hot backpacking scene!
January 25, 2010 - You'd think there'd be a or .org but not yet. (Or, at any rate, the geeks have bought 'em up before an MYOG'er could put them to good use.) "Make your own gear" is a hot new scene in backpacking, but it can apply to anything, right? Thanks to ultralight godfather Ray Jardine a decade or so ago, folks started makin...  > Read Article | Go to Website

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