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Velomobiles! --World Seminar Papers
January 26, 2010 - I've long been keen on Velomobiles. These are bikes designed to replace the car for people. And they are designed to do what cars do. So it's more than using your bike instead of a car. Velomobiles are designed to haul cargo and to project a rider from the weather and from minor crashes. They're usually 3- or 4-wheelers. There...  > Read Article | Go to Website

New Bicycle Speed Record! -- 82+mph!
September 22, 2008 - Sam Wittingham just upped his old record to 82mph from 81mph in the 200 meter sprint in the homemade Varna "Diablo" streamliner. (See vids below!) These kinds of records are set in recent years at Battle Mountain, Nevada, where the road is smooth, straight and flat for the necessary 5 miles it takes to wind-up to the top spe...  > Read Article

A New DIY World Record for Greg K: the 24 Hr. Human Powered Boat
September 12, 2008 - Greg Kolodziejzyk likes setting world records. And he's darn good at it! He seems to do it all based out of his garage and with some help from his friends. He has the 24-hour record for miles on the *ground* covered by human power---something like 650. And just a couple days ago he added the 24-hour HP *water record, with...  > Read Article | Go to Website

RCN: Sorry to See You Go...
February 21, 2008 - I just found out that the great alternative bike magazine "Recumbent Cyclist News" is out of business. Sad news. Publisher Bob Bryant has ridden his magazine through some amazing times. It's all over now. 102 issues, 16 years. The Internet strikes back. That's what it boiled down to. RCN lived thru the rise and fall...  > Read Article | Go to Website

HPV News Part 1: New Unfaired Hour Record!
July 01, 2007 - Sean Costin set a new World Hour Record for unfaired recumbents on 6/9/07. 28+ miles! He rode a Velokraft NoCom carbon fiber lowracer, a bike he and his WISIL (Wisc/Illinois) club pals helped design. (Finish line photo credit: Harvey Hanig.) What's cool about this record is that it was set in 1933! Francis Faure rode 27.9 mile...  > Read Article

HPV News Part 2: "Year of the Recumbent"
July 01, 2007 - Danny Chew is a multiple RAAM winner and major ultramarathoner. He recently posted on his blog about his experience at a 12 Hour marathon... The subhead of his report about the multiple records set at this marathon says it all: "...  > Read Article

HPV News Part 3: VeloNews still gets it wrong...
July 01, 2007 - VN rarely mentions recumbent or HPV racing. It probably doesn't even like to cover RAAM or other ultramarathoning---at least it didn't used to. Is it slowly catching on? I don't follow VN closely anymore but I hear about HPV news mentions. A couple years ago an HPV team beat all the upright teams in RAAM, so it got a mention. Well, ...  > Read Article

I Miss My HPV...
July 01, 2007 - Since we had kids I hadn't had time to care for my fully-faired HPV, so last summer I sold it. Darn, I miss it. The other day I went to town to do a bunch of errands on my road bike. Maybe it was a 20 mile round trip, with several stops. It seemed to take an eternity. I was out there at least 2 hours. Back in the days when the...  > Read Article

650 Miles! --A Blog of a 24-hr HPV Record Ride
July 20, 2006 - Greg Kolodziejzyk is a busy guy. He does ultramarathons and plays the stock market via some freaky new virtual future predicting method that I of course understand not at all. For the past year he's been dialing in a streamliner to make an attempt to break the world 24-Hour Record of 635 miles. Check out his site as he makes his cou...  > Read Article | Go to Website

53 Miles in an Hour: new bike record!
July 09, 2006 - Congrats to Fast Freddy Markham for setting the new world Hour record for bikes! A week ago he cranked out FIFTY THREE MILES in just an hour on his fully faired Varna streamliner. Oh, and he was FIFTY YEARS OLD! (And it had been since 1990 that the USA had this record. And there'd been 30 prior attempts to win it. This is Fred...  > Read Article

RAAM under way! First recumbent solo rider! First Enduro!
June 12, 2006 - RAAM is looking like it will be a cool race this year. For the first time an unfaired recumbent rider is competing in the solo division. James Kern. Riding a Bacchetta highracer. I think he's a newbie at RAAM. But he won two major qualifiers overall. Good signs! Over the first day he was maybe 8th place. After a cou...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Customize Your Car for Aero Advantage!
February 18, 2006 - Bryant Tucker was a regular guy on the HPV racing scene. He sadly died of cancer awhile ago. But he was a big aerodynamics buff. He used to drive racecars (and win), and design them, and enjoyed tinkering with the aerodynamics of cars and bikes for years, getting several patents. He had a Honda car that he installed several ...  > Read Article

Convert a MTB to 'Bent!
January 23, 2006 - CruzBike is a kit that lets you convert any Y-frame MTB into a recumbent. Makes owning a 'bent a thriftier proposition. You also get full-sus into the bargain. People are liking it. You even get to adapt to a way-cool new way to steer---the legs can help with this kind of front-wheel-drive. Check it out...  > Read Article | Go to Website

The Hottest Race Bike Out There...
January 13, 2006 - Here's a kool website for the koolest racing recumbent out there today. It's very light and very fast and very carbon. When you see one you go "whoa..."  > Read Article | Go to Website

Rowbike: Let's get freaky!
November 13, 2004 - The Thys Rowingbike has won a bunch of races and works just dandy. Here's your first chance at an elegantly designed all-body solution for riding. I'd try one anyday.  > Read Article | Go to Website

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