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New book! ...Trail Skiing & the Liberation of Winter
January 10, 2018 -

Trail Skiing!

I'm just finishing a book of radical xc trail skiing. It's about everyday skiing anywhere there's snow. It's about taking back Nordic skiing or cross country or whatever you call it and opening it up to everyone. Free skiing that delivers a wonderful winter for anyone who tries it. Skiing is a much bigger ...  > Read Article

MI BC XC Trail Ski Party Series Schedule for 2018
December 05, 2017 - MI BC XC Schedule: *Potto Raid - ever ski the Potto? here's a chance to do it w a gang. gorgeous, ridgey, technical challenge. go there first by yourself and learn how to do the descents (esp the last big one by Silver Lk). this is a 4-stage raid. 3-4 hrs. bring food, wax, maybe protection. parking lot potluck apres'. Sunday...  > Read Article

Fatbikes on Ski Trails: Grooming Needed
March 13, 2016 - Snowbikes are the big new thing. They're now popular in winter around here. I'm guessing they're more popular in places with marginal snow conditions. When it's nasty they can still be fun while skiing might not be possible. When it's icy, they can keep rolling -- altho big studs on a regular mtbike seem to bite better than commerc...  > Read Article

1st-ever Brighton B-Rec "Back 2 Back": Report & Pics
March 16, 2014 - Dateline: March 16th, 2014 report and pics by Stan Dinkel Spring skiing, forty-degree weather, mashed potato snow all had *nothing* to do with the first Brighton Rec B2B Cross Country Ski Race. The temperature for the race seemed frighteningly cold, a chilly 10 degrees, with an afternoon high of 23. The on-trail, deepl...  > Read Article

Potto Raid 2014: Report on a Colorful Day
January 20, 2014 - We had the biggest turn-out yet for the 9th annual 2014 Potto Raid! 16 mtbikers attempted the Full 18-mile Trail, with 4 doing the Inner Loop. We've had more than 20 show up before but fewer going for the Whole Enchilada. 20F at the start. Conditions caused some nerves since we had a lumpy rock ice base, but we had wonderfully...  > Read Article

What to Take on a Big Day Ski Tour?
November 27, 2013 - A friend recently asked me what I brought when doing a Big Day ski on ungroomed trails. 'Course: it all depends. I googled my OYB site and found a few leads but I was surprised that I hadn't diagrammed it all out already! OK, here's how we roll. We start with a fanny pack with pouch area and water-holders. We plan...  > Read Article

Roadbike does Cyclocross! --Fun!
October 07, 2013 - Two pics from after my rain-ride yesterday on my yard trail. Rain for CX is like snow for XC... Too bad I'd hosed off the bike before taking the pics. Bikes are even prettier when they're muddy -- just like more snow makes skiing look more gooder. Yeah, I'm kinda psyched about my sweet ride. --19 lbs! I like it that it has a b...  > Read Article

Something Cool About Dirt Road Riding...
September 02, 2013 - when a rider ahead of me puts the hammer down when we're already jamming along. Their rear tire spits up fresh dirt and lays a peel-out track down the road. Even if the road is hardpacked dirt, like asphalt. When you're already going 15-20mph you can't really put down THAT much more torque but dirt roads disagree... They ...  > Read Article

The Dirt Rag version of "Ski What Ya Ride"
April 16, 2013 - I wrote up a version of my "Ski What Ya Ride" concept for Dirt Rag a couple seasons ago. I can't tell if I posted it here yet, but in case I didn't, here it is. It'll be ready and waiting to help ya kick off next winter! Or I can post-date it so it kicks back into gear then. They were going to use it in their print mag but the ...  > Read Article

Team OYB at Louisville World Cyclocross Champs!
February 06, 2013 - Well, my brother Tim, friend Robert and I went and watched the Cyclocross World Championships last weekend, down in Louisville. It was the first time they'd come to the US! We stayed with friends of ours in their cheery, art-filled house in a picturesque old neighborhood in the hills -- and where we had bigtime breakfasts! ...  > Read Article

New Map of Stinchfield!
January 28, 2013 - The caretaker of Stinchfield has made a great new map! Still no topography, but it's a nice map. The 5 new big hills Rad and I found are south of the Old Car. In case you don't know, Stinch is U of M property on the biggest hill in SSE MI. It has the biggest hills in the region in general. A good 15 miles of trails in an ar...  > Read Article | Go to Website

CX < > XC !
October 28, 2012 - I've been getting into the Cyclocross riding lately and recently realized how much it's like XC skiing. --Both give me a similar smooth-flow grin. For instance, CX is livelier and more nimble, lighter, than mt-biking -- at least with MY heavy old rigid mt-bike. I love how I just float along the trails and around the corner...  > Read Article

Epic Mt-Bike Weekend on the North Country Trail
October 21, 2012 - A couple weeks ago a posse of pals headed north for a weekend of trail action. The weather was totally sketchy. I keep forgetting just how dicey our autumn weather is. Really, one just shouldn't try to plan things in the fall. Ya just gotta Grab'n'Go. If it's pretty out, hit it! Tomorrow it's gonna be cold, dark, rainy and windy....  > Read Article

Any Nordic Tech Parks, Features? (Like Mtbike and Alpine has.)
October 10, 2012 - Is there a Nordic resort out there yet which has developed an expert loop of the sort that are ubiquitous today at mtbike trails and alpine resorts? If not, isn't Nordic off the back? If not, I suppose the reason is that Nordic can't resolve its liability in the same way that mtbiking and alpine can? I remember as late a...  > Read Article

Needed: a CX version of XC!
September 06, 2012 - I know that I've ranted about this endlessly before, but it keeps popping up for me. Besides, I think this tack is SLIGHTLY different than usual. It's getting to be the XC training time of year! I'm getting psyched and really enjoying getting outside and doing a wide variety of action. Summer seems more bike specific. Late s...  > Read Article

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