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"Unlimited!" --Masters-age mtbike action...& more!
October 03, 2005

$30 (inc. S/H)

($30. Free U.S. shipping!) One of a kind!

Check out the hot movie trailer at the filmmaker's website. It's at the bottom of the screen. Cool!

It's the first-ever movie showing the whole year of outdoor sports. See top athletes kickin' out the jams in gorgeous locales. Yet it's not extreme or in-your-face. Heck, it seems as though everyone featured is...OLD! (That is, of Masters age...they have kids, they've mellowed out, are seeing the bigger picture.) These are activities that fairly regular people do, or could do, if a good deal slower. They just haven't seen what they do put all together like this on-screen with great music before!

The whole thing is catchy, addictive and provokes repeat watching. Production values are creative and top-notch. It's definitely high energy, with some great current music any young person would like. But it's all accessible to the elderly as well. : ) The "making of" track is great fun, too.

Most top athletes---especially once they get a little older---enjoy doing different things year round. They're not specialist freaks. These sports naturally belong together.

Ya know, I think this DVD came to be in good part because the film-makers, Lise Meloche and David McMahon, are, one, Canadian and, two, a husband-wife team...and, three, are athletes themselves who are in the film. All 3 reasons help explain the casual, friendly style...and why they include everything that outdoor people know should be included.

The big emphasis is on XC skiing because it's truly the 'all in one' sport. Also, it's never been shown right on screen til now. I especially like the lead-off back-in-time sequence showing wool-outfit wood-ski folks catching onto a new thang. This is a clever, smart, grown-up show that never bogs down, but takes good care of you, giving you quiet spells between fast stuff.

A second DVD comes with the set and gives complete step by step ski instruction, from beginner to advanced, using sequences from the movie.

This DVD offers in sum: the talent of 57 Olympic and World-Class athletes in a variety of outdoor and adventure sports including Nordic skiing, trail running, triathlon, inline, mountain biking, rowing, telemark skiing, para-gliding, roller skiing, cycling, paddling, climbing and adventure racing.

And it features music by: Sum41, Roch Voisine, Dean Batstone and Drastik.

The Big Year starts with XC. Then Spring comes intertwined with lush trail-running and singletrack mt-biking. Summer looks at adventure racing. An awesome Autumn in Gatineau Park: a huge, gorgeous reserve next to Ottawa. These seasons are as snappy and pro as MTV vids, but they're better because they feature the things people really do, or could do. Friendly interviews. It's fun to find out in the Director's Cut that their kids picked some of the music.  

What they say at the XCZone website...

Unlimited Nordic Skiiing DVD from XCZone is the most complete instructional and motivational package for nordic skiing ever produced. Endorsed by Cross Country Canada, Biathlon Canada and the National Coaching Program. (Run Time 4+ Hours.)

The movie "UNLIMITED" engages some of the best outdoor athletes in the New World, breath taking cinematography and an exhilarating sound track to craft a New Kind of Action constituted from Clean Oxygen Fed Sport.

Elite athletes and aficionados together share their love and spiritual attachment to outdoor activity and the land. The producers have sought to define this sub-culture from behind the lens of a camera. Filmed across North America in Digital Video and 16mm. The central thread is bound around cross-country skiing and a lifestyle that transcends the seasons.

Nordic skiing is unlimited in performance and diversity. Whether that is laying fresh tracks at sunrise, spending an afternoon training in the woods, elite international racing or carving free heel turns in powder with friends. Half the year is devoted to off-snow pursuits... because there is no off-season!


Nordic skiing coaches, instructors and aficionados, from beginner to expert alike, will be thrilled with the instructional content provided on the second disk. Olympic skiers and coaches provide the most comprehensive contemporary guide to nordic ski technique (skating, classic, norpine), training and equipment.


Between them, Dave and Lise have 50 years of skiing experience, 17 years of which is racing at a World Cup Level. Lise Meloche has nine (9) National Championship titles, third place ranking placing on the World Cup circuit in 1986, leading to the 92 and 94 Olympics, and a World Cup Gold Medal. Lise has done over 200 World Cup races, finishing top-ten 21 times (including 7 World Cup Medals.) David McMahon was National Biathlon Champion in 1993, twice overall Canada Cup winner and 5 National Championship medals and finished third at the World Summer Biathlon Championships. Dave and Lise have since taught over 7000 people to ski and coached athletes at the Olympic Level. Several of the athletes that we have personally coached have won World Cup, World Championship and Olympic Medals!

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