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OYB 10---Print Window to Modern Folkways
September 02, 2010

$6 (inc. S/H)

[$6 postpaid.] This biggest-ever issue of OYB is a great way to get a full-figured view of the OYB scene! (I thought I was out of stock, but I just found a couple dozen. What fun! First come, first served...)

The OYB "catazeen" has to be the only magazine of authentic, informal, do-it-yourself, indy adventure and outdoor culture. It also gives descriptions for all the books, mags, videos, music, and drygoods I'm selling. It's a combo magazine/catalog, which is why I call it a "catazeen."

I've written most of the articles but there are several stand-outs by other writers. But I produced it all. (Whups, not the cover design! Hats off to my designer friend Owen Neils for a gorgeous cover!) It has to be the only one-man show covering a general range of authentic culture.

It's my first full-color cover. And the biggest issue at 82 pages.

Cover price is $3 + $3 postage = $6. (For Non-US postage, see below.)

So if you want a copy of the new #10, click the PayPal "Buy Now" button to the left under the cover image.

You know, I also have an Anthology edition of OYB 1-8 available for $20 (200+ pages!). Or you can order back issues separately. And #9 is still available, too. Click on the "Mag Subscribe" link in the menubar for more info.

I have pretty good distro, so #10 was also available at quite a few newstands nationwide.

If you want to subscribe to OYB, just click the "Add to Cart" button below this paragraph. (Don't confuse it with the #10 "Buy Now" button under the cover image!) I'm only offering a one-issue sub for now. It's $5 and you'll be on the list to get #11. I'll do a new issue when I launch my next major book ("The Folding Bike!") in Spring 2007. Click here:

A larger image of the cover is way down below, but first here's the #10 Table of Contents, to see if anything piques your interest:

Out Your Backdoor 3  
The Trailer Has Landed! —A Cheap Up North Getaway 3
Our Backdoor Marathons 10
Unsung Heroes of Cycling: Kent, Jan & Joe 16
OYB Press 24

ULA! 40   
The Short, Amazing, Mad Saga of the ULA   40
ULA Press 42

Life Ways 55
The Quest: Where It’s Taken Me 55
FifthWay Press 58

OYB Music 64  
An OYB corner on Gulf Coast culture? Stay tuned! 64
Backdoor Records listings 64

Creative Ways 68  
Henry’s World of Clay 68
Kelvin’s Homemade House 69
The OYB Un-Diet Plan 69
JP’s Fashion, Form & Function 70
Great Children’s Books: A Starter Kit 72
OYB Goodies & LazyGal Art 74

Euro/Oz Postage Special Notice

UK/Euro/Oz/other customers should click the first button then click the one below to add an extra $4 to your Cart to offset excess postage beyond my usual shipping subsidy. (Canadian orders get free shipping for OYB10 as it's about the same as US.)

Send all mailable payments to: Out Your Backdoor, 4686 Meridian Rd., Williamston MI 48895.

Reader Comments - Add Your Own Comment
JeffOYB - Williamston, MI, posted on Aug 03, 2005
The first bulk mailing went out today, for all pre-pub orders and most longtime subscribers. The lady will process them in a couple days, then it's about a week for bulk-mail to really go thru and start showing up. Fingers crossed!

I have another big bulk mailing that I'll ship when we get back from a weeklong art fair booth up north at Suttons Bay. I only had 500 copies that were trimmed and ready to mail today. The printer will have the remaining thousands ready when we get back. Whew!
JeffOYB - Williamston, MI, posted on Aug 30, 2005
FYI, the second bulk mailing went out Aug 18 or so. My mail lady gets em out in a day or two after I drop them off. So the first went out definitely the first week of Aug. Sadly, bulk mail does sometimes take several weeks.