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From OYB: "The Recumbent Bicycle" -- the only book on 'bents!
September 30, 2013

$13 (inc. S/H)

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Published by OYB, this is the only book about a huge, amazing side of bicycling: the world of recumbents!

This deluxe 3rd edition is printed on coated paper and includes a 12-page color section. It's 192 pages, with hundreds of photos.

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DESCRIPTION: Written by Gunnar Fehlau and published by Out Your Back Door Press, this book covers the history, science, design, racing, touring, construction and resources for recumbents...and much more.

Here's the cover:

Anyone interested in, or considering buying a recumbent would do well to read this book. It explains how the many widely-differing features of a recumbent can greatly affect the riding experience. Recumbents serve such a wide range of needs that it is best to be educated before shopping and test-riding. And after a test-ride session, being able to read up on the why's and wherefore's and culture behind what one just priceless. It cements and situates what just happened...making it much more "digestible" and understood. There's more variety among recumbents than any other type of bike! --Which makes education more critical.

Recumbents are the bike-type about which there is the most curiosity and misinformation. Yet there are also wonderful benefits to these bikes that aren't always obvious. Furthermore, those who are interested often do much more "tire kicking." Kids are especially fascinated! Lastly, these bikes tend to be more expensive. All these factors mean that an affordable book is a GREAT entre' to this scene.

This book is not just for beginners: the experienced enthusiast will find in-depth background info and modern news to give fresh perspective and insight...and it makes a great way to educate your friends as to the facts about recumbents (i.e., recumbents are not more dangerous because they're lower; however, an urban rider might benefit from a taller recumbent).

Thousands of copies sold.

Click here to see the back cover.

Here's a sample page-spread from the color section:

Click here to see larger 9"x14" version of color spread, 150kb, and here to see a sample text spread.

Book Specifics: Author: Gunnar Fehlau. Size: 7.5"x9"; paperback; 192 pages; 200+ photos; 12 pages of full color; ISBN 189259059X.

Table of Contents: Click here.

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WHOLESALERS: Available to the retail store trade via the following wholesalers: B&T, AlpenBooks, American Cycling Publications, American Bike Trails.

What Experts Say...

"A great introduction to the world of recumbents. ... If you're fascinated with recumbents I'd say this is a must-buy." --Peter Eland, editor, VeloVision magazine

"A super book, full of photos, wisdom on every aspect of recumbent bikes, and resources for riders and builders alike!" -- David Gordon Wilson, author, Bicycling Science

"The best, most complete book on recumbents and human powered vehicles ever written!" -- Warren Beauchamp, racer/builder, editor of

Bike Shop Dealers: Click here for a list of 120+ quality bike shops that carry "The Recumbent Bicycle."

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