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Petzl Myo: Best Headlamp "Bang for the Buck"
April 07, 2014

I've been using the Petzl Myo XP headlamps for about a decade now. Every day. They've never failed me. I think it's high time I promote them in detail. (I've mentioned them in a lights summary, but sheesh.)

This is a bombproof, featherweight little light. For around $80. It's powerful. And it has many easy-to-use features and settings. 3 clicks gives 3 powers. A little cap pivots up or down to give spot or flood. There ya go for 90% of instant tasks. But the recent RXP *programmable* version goes further: by pressing both the boost and the on/off switch at the same time you enter a fine-tuning mode from super dim to super bright -- 140 lumens! -- for each of the 3 settings. Really, low/med/hi is fine by me, but I've now programmed my light to have a really low low and the highest high. (I note that the non-verbal instruction sheet is nearly useless. You pick which of the 3 settings you want to change then press and hold both buttons til the lite blinks then you adjust the setting til it's where you like it then leave it til it blinks some more then that setting is fixed.) The boost button gives an instant 160 lumens. ...Overall, a LOT of function for a little light.

I know lots of people like a little stick-lite, but, c'mon, you gotta have a headlamp. You need a stick-lite, too, but SO MANY times you want both hands free.

Click on the link below and order yours today!

The pic shows just a headband but you get an extra strap for over the top as well: I always use that.

Here's a pic of it in action as we set out in the dark to ski the mighty epic Waterloo Trail, a seldom-skied 36-mile trail in SE Michigan. It takes us "dark to dark" to do it. Needless to say, the Petzl was the perfect tool for the job.

I find that this light slips onto a bike helmet easily. It's easy tilt adjustment lets you get the aim right no matter what hat or helmet you're wearing.

I get a lot of hours from one dose of batteries. My usual mode is to use rechargers. I go several years on one set of rechargers (well, one set is 6 batt's -- one in use, one in the wings).

For cold weather you want a set of LiPo's -- they're also superlight. And they now come in recharger mode, too, finally!

Anyone who orders something, anything, after clicking on the link here, sends a healthy percent to the OYB operating fund! It's appreciated!

(I have made one big mistake in my life with this light: I got all fancy on it and added special other LED's to my line-up ... that used 3.7v batt's instead of the usual 1.5v and I popped my ol' LED. But you don't need to go crazy like that. I suspect that nearly all who get into the deep end of the lighting pool are more detail-oriented than I am, but just don't do what I did. So far the light seems so bombproof that I don't know how to bust in and replace the emitter. I bet some have, tho. The light modder scene is BIG out there.)

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