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Cyclocross Mag #20: Worlds + Gravel
April 25, 2013

Just got the new issue of CX Mag. It has a lot of background on the Worlds. It's neat how they don't try to cover the event 'as it happened' -- that's what their website does. Instead, they go deep.

And they include a cute pic that includes Ol' Antler Helmet! : )

More at -- a sub is only $20, so c'mon. It's a small, new shop making a pro mag. Let's back 'em!

In addition to these cool things this issue shows the range of CX by presenting several articles on Gravel Grinders. It's interesting seeing a fringe sport mag take on another fringe sport. They usually feel obliged to start from the beginning, which gives a curious feel, but I suppose is necessary and can even be a pleasant experience (I love summaries). So they intro GG to the CX gang like they're beginners to dirt roads. Their summary article by Niall Gengler is quite nice and thorough, though.

The summary features pics from D2R2, a classic New England "big" dirt event.

After the summary they have a sidebar presenting the new breed of GG bikes that makers are releasing. To me, it seems like an 80's-era Sport Tourer would just be the cat's meow, with no further fuss needed. Seems like there's some wheel reinventing going on. It's kinda like the Sport Tourer concept doesn't really exist anymore and is only now being reinvented.

It's also cute how Gengler sneaks in the radical concept of the versatile bike with clever mentions about how once you get a bike with cargo and fenders and lighting you'll find yourself with fewer excuses for not riding.

Gengler's summary talks about needing to bring water on long rides and how you might need to have braze-on's added to do so. I find that clamp-on cages work fine. My P13 doesn't have braze-on's for anything, only Campy clamps. They seem to work. There's quite a bit of trail and BB-drop discussion. Reads nice.

It talks about considering bringing spare brake pads. I've ridden in a fair number of locales but I'm still using mostly 20 yr old pads on all my bikes. I guess I just haven't been braking much or been around many big hills. Around town that is the case but I do wander some. You'd think I'd wear out my pads by now. It seems like some go thru pads even on one long ride.

I'm liking the CX mag... It's cute, tho, how a niche mag has to be so careful when making forays beyond its stated turf. Of course, being inclusive and general from the get-go is what I've tried to do with OYB. So many people are generalists and have diverse-yet-related interests that I like to assume they can keep up or are already there or way ahead as it is. Still, ya can't beat a good Intro. And I commend CX for this kinda gumption. CX itself is hard enough to contain in a definition -- which is why I like it. It's nice to see them going even farther afield. All we need now is some beer, food, and music reviews! : ) ...And articles about what CXers can do for fun when there's too much snow to ride. ...I know what yer thinkin'!

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