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Full-On Shoulderbag
January 05, 2010

$24 (inc. S/H)

[$24 postpaid in the US.]

Here's a shoulderbag that's just a shoulderbag. No options, no other uses.

I've been using one as a car-bag for a year now, and I really like it, so I figure I should let you all know about it and make it available as yet another way for you to support the OYB Way of Life.

Its specs are 4" x 10" x 11"; canvas.

Actually, there are options. You can order it in tan or olive-drab. And with any of these patches: OYB leather, OYB embroidered, pirate, peace, eagle, flag.

I saw a young lady carrying an olive one at Greenfield Village last week and it seemed to have nice lighter-contrast edge trim.

But here's the biggest option: They come with a liner as substantial as their exterior, making it a double-wall bag. I don't see why. It takes up a LOT of storage space. Is a puffy look cool, or something? If you like, I'll cut out the inner lining for you, free of charge. I cut out the liner of my test bag and I like it better that way. Maybe normal people don't carry much in their shoulderbag.

My wife was impressed when she recently rummaged through my bag. She says I carry more than most ladies do. Well, for me it's a car-based "possibles" bag, so I'm rarely carrying it much, more like hauling it, then flinging it onto a seat or into a footwell, "just in case." I even bring overnight stuff in it. It's bigger than my OYB Normal 6-Way Bag -- and it does have a wider opening. It holds paperbacks better, as well. It's not great for magazines, but it'll hold a couple quite well.

(My next step up in bags is my yellow cordura one with the OYB logo printed on it from -- that holds a buncha mags perfectly -- and you can order one there for $20 plus postage. Next bigger yet is my extra-stout cordura and leather Mailbag from Duluth Trading, not made anymore. On the same size level but different in style and function is my super-extra-stout double-huge bike messenger bag. The final stop is my hockey duffles -- I have two that I lived out of during my mid-80's Colorado days.)

Here's what you can easily stash in one of these:

I just dumped out what was in the bag today to take the above pic. Here's what and where... *Main pouch: gloves, headlamp, camera in soapbox, pipe in Crown Royal bag, jar of tobaccy (aromatic & English), pen, cell, 2 mini-water-bottles. *Left pocket: SAK with mini-LED, floss, airline bottle of whisky. *Upper front pocket: pepper-spray. Lower front pocket: Leatherman. *Side front slip-pocket: notepad, pen wrapped in duct-tape. *Biz card window with several cards. *Velcroed full-size rear slip-pouch: empty, rarely used, could be cut off, but is occasionally handy for maps and fliers. *Right pocket: whetstone, lighter (with pipe tool), matches, striker, bird-call, multi-tool, thermometer. *Flap pouch: pipecleaners, first-aid kit, chocolate in baggy, cam battery, cam disk, compass, logo, USB drive, Vit C powder, Insta-Espresso, earplugs, nail-clippers, hard coffee candy, loose change, chapstick, tic-tacs, wet-wipes. Whew! I coulda got a fat paperback in there, too.

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