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VeloVision #34: for practical cycling!
September 21, 2009

$10 (inc. S/H)

[$10, postpaid in the US. Special Order issue: it'll be a couple weeks more than usual before you receive it.]

VeloVision is the granddaddy of citybike mags. VV has been covering the practical cycling scene for a good decade now. It's everything about cycling that isn't covered by the mainstream specialists (a funny pairing, that). No big air, no drug-testing, no extreme anything. Just all the rest of cycling. It's a full-color, large-format British magazine that's shy on ads, long on content. It costs a bit more than usual, but what's usual when you're delivering bike content that cannot be found anywhere else? They offer the ONLY indepth coverage of things like recumbents and trikes STILL to be found anywhere. They also cover trailers, lights, child-carriers, cargo-bikes -- topics that new magazines are picking up on. But VV still gives a very valuable Euro-oriented view of these things, showcasing innovations not covered in Nor-Am indie media or which may not always reach American shores in any form, at least not for awhile.

I resell quite a few specialty issues that emphasize specifically hard-to-find topics like folders, electric-kits, electric bikes, trikes, etc., and I stock sizeable inventory of those issues.

But I'd also like to offer the more general issues of VV, so I'm offering #34 on a "special order" basis. It'll take a couple weeks to fill an order for this issue, however.

#34 Tale of Contents

4 News
Folding bike recalls, new bikes galore, Moscow trike update, pioneering ocean pedaling and more

10 SEN and the art of cycle training
How specialist instruction can enable pupils with cognitive issues to exceed all expectations and learn to cycle.

13 Taipei 2009
A quick look at some of the innovations on show at the Taiwanese trade show in March.

14 SPEZI 2009
Full report from April's Special Bikes Show in Germany:
14 Velomobiles
16 Trikes
18 Bikes and components
20 Home-building, load-carrying and our coach tour

22 Review: Gocycle
Full review of a production Gocycle, the potentially revolutionary compact urban run-around - with lightweight electric assist!

27 Review: KMX Cobra
A recumbent trike for £999, but is it a practical machine for road riding? We test it to find out.

30 Review: Taga and Zigo child-carriers
Brief reviews of two transforming trikes; they convert from child-carrying three-wheelers into full-featured strollers. Are they the perfect versatile kids' taxis?

34 Short reviews:
34 Novatec dynamo set: is £30 for a hub dynamo too good to be true?
36 Book reviews: The Golden Age of The Handbuilt Bicycle, Live to Ride novel plus the beginner-friendly Bike Easy.
38 Book reviews: Bike Builder's Bonanza and Pedaling Revolution.
40 Terracycle idlers and accessory mounts: worthwhile upgrades?

42 Readers' Bikes
42 Folder fettling: two readers offer ingenious Brompton modifications.
44 The Seacycle: canal cruising by pedal power.
46 A trio of trikes: a reader reports from the rough roads of Moldova
47 Above or below? Pros and cons of changing from below to above-seat steering.

48 Kyoto cuties
Velo Vision readers visit Japan and are enchanted by the small-wheeled wonders…

50 Letters
More mystery cycle identification, the wrong trousers, historic cycle reportage, the Cleland concept clarified and much more: another fine set of contributions from our creative readers.

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