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VeloVision #33: indie bike culture!
May 11, 2009

$10 (inc. S/H)

[$10 sample copy postpaid in the USA. Special order issue: It's a couple weeks longer wait-time for this issue.]

VV #33 is now available. It's the March 2009 issue of this unique UK bike culture magazine.

There is almost a few focus points in this issue, but not really: there are several trike and tandem reviews.

However, I'd just say that the uniqueness of the subjects and the high quality of the writing are the special feature this time.

I mean: Here's a detailed profile with pics of the Mochet Velocars --- this is the very recumbent whose victories resulted in 'bents being banned from racing in the mid-1930's. These bikes are rarely seen, more rarely ridden and really never profiled. Here we get all 3 things. YES!

Then we get a big report by bike design guru Mike Burrows on what it's like building with carbon, as he gives us the lowdown on making a tail-faired carbon lowracer. SUPER!

Then there's a report on a project bike: converting a track tandem into a citybike. A citybike tandem? ALL RIGHT! Actually...given the fixie craze, I'm surprised we aren't seeing more fixie tandems! That's what the REAL track studs used to race!

So, no theme, but jampacked with good stuff.


4 News
Rob Brock, architects on parking, tandemists wanted, new products galore, plus a full cycling events listing for 2009.

10 Pedalling vegetables
An organic wholefood shop in Derby brings fresh produce to the less mobile by pedal power.

12 Review: Hase Pino tandem
Reviewing the latest generation of the upright-recumbent tandem from Hase Bikes, now with a new, separable frame.

16 Review: Pirol Street Vario recumbent trike
A touring-oriented, full-suspension trike from Germany put through its paces.

21 Review: Kidztandem
We ride the versatile Kidztandem, where children take the front seat with an adult at the back doing the steering.

24 Review: Challenge Alizé recumbent trike
The latest trike from Challenge adds a folding frame, refined steering and some clever design details to its repertoire.

28 Short reviews:
- 28 Gocycle preview - beta-testing the compact electric folder.
- 29 Grips on the cheap: the Specialized alternative. Plus, Zefal security QRs.
- 30 R&E Big Squeeze cantilever brakes: a clever choice for a tandem?
- 31 ABUS Urban I helmet: commuter headgear.
- 32 Books: the Embacher collection documented, and a journey around the world.
- 34 Potts cable lubricator, ABUS's new lock mount, and Ankelite/Baglite solar illumination.

36 Readers' Bikes:
- 36 A first-time recumbent biker takes on a Bacchetta.
- 38 Mike Burrows on the carbon construction of his latest bike.
- 40 A rare ride report on two recumbents from the 1930's by collector Bob Cordon Champ.
- 43 Reelights revisited: self-powered lights on a trike.
- 44 The town tandem: adapting a short-wheelbase frame.
- 46 Albania: rough-road recumbent touring.

48 Letters
Save that Saracen, a DIY longbike, Russian recumbents, lights test feedback, another boat-towing trailer, and a new off-road quad: it's another fine set of contributions from our creative readers.

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